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As a small company we distinguish ourselves by our attention and dedication to supporting our customers. With ICD Group's products you can talk directly to those who develop and support the programs you use.

W?LDC*RDS Testimonials

Dr. Frederick D. Ullman , SUNY Fredonia :

" . . . Well, as I said, my A Series skills are getting rather rusty. My recollection is that the Unisys wildcard enhancements to the CANDE FILES command were powerful and provided similar functionality to your software. But much of the syntax was newly created, A-series unique, and hence relatively difficult (IMO) to remember unless used frequently.

"In contrast, your software used a "more natural" (IMO) extension of the standard LFILES command that I found easy to remember. I also didn't care for the fact that the CANDE files command with wild cards returned more than just the names of the matching files.

"Also, unless I misrecall, Unisys didn't provide a way to wildcard family names. With our A18 we had a lot of different families and your WC FILEDATA gave me an efficient way to search across all them with a single command."

ICD Testimonials

Damian Carter, Mgr. Data Processing Technical Services, New York State Education Dept :

"What I have learned... is that the ICD Software can substantially decrease the amount of time required to debug a program. During the one-month trial acquisition I used ICD to debug two real problem programs in our shop. In both cases ICD was a tremendous help in determining the source of the problem. ... Had the ICD package not been so easy to use I probably would not have jumped right into the hot seat with it. But as it turned out, the package was easy to use, I was delighted with the results, and the application [programmer] that had been trying to debug the program for over a week was relieved.

"...The first time I got to use ICD on a real program bug the result was phenomenal. A couple of the Division's top-notch Associate Programmer/Analysts had spent a couple of weeks attempting to debug a program. I compiled the program with the ICDCOBOL compiler, ran through a couple of ICD sessions, and determined where the program bug was and how to correct it within a day's time

. ... One site, which is heavy into GEMCOS, and uses ICD quite a bit, said that they solved a bug using ICD in about an hour, that they were unable to solve in four days without ICD."

As verified by "Software Quality Engineering" and published in their "Testing Tools Reference Guide" :

"Users contacted were very enthusiastic about this product. Support is excellent and the product proved to be even more valuable than the vendor told them."

Anonymous, Baldwyn & Lyons :

" Twice last week I used it to validate coding changes made for our Utah State Expansion project 11580. What normally would have taken a couple of hours to set-up only took several minutes using ICD. I sure hope we can continue to use this product. "

Bernie Martin, Baldwyn & Lyons :

"There have been many refinements in the handling of required parameter statements that make the operation of the debugger a near seamless operation. Bill Graham, the application expert, has incorporated our suggestions into his newest documentation release. "

Rich Whitman/Wade Wells - Burroughs Financial Systems Center, Atlanta :

"This tool was immensely useful in helping us solve our bugs with little effort in studying the instructions. In this instance, because of the large data file sent to us from GBSC, ICD was much more useful than the usual COBOL74 Debugger. Also, the flexibility of ICD allowed much more and easier probing into the troublesome symptoms."

Elizabeth A. Gontarz, W.L. Gore & Associates, Newark DE :

"Program errors which had eluded us for days were found in less than two hours by Associates who had never used ICD before... we are confident it will improve our productivity significantly"

William K. Cikanek, National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance :

"I have personally used your product and have been able to cut maintenance time enough to more than pay for the product."

Ted Stone, Programming Manager, Quaker Oats :

"The very first day the package came in a programmer walked in looking for help on a bug he could not track down. The demo had just arrived and the tape was sitting on my desk. We loaded things up, sat down at a terminal, put in a couple of breaks and within 3 minutes we found the bug.... The programmers rave about it.... Plus you guys have been very helpful [fixing any problem with ICD ] "