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PhoneAlert Overview
Send Text Messages from your ClearPath MCP or PC

What is PhoneAlert?

PhoneAlertTM automatically sends text messages to alert you to conditions on either your PC or Unisys mainframe.

PhoneAlert allows you to:

  • monitor files and directories on your PC.
  • monitor ClearPath files through file mapping
  • send a text message when there is file activity
  • optionally text the first line of the file as the message

Any program that can write a file to the directories that PhoneAlert monitors generates a text message.

Typically PhoneAlert works in conjunction with a monitor program (Super Doctor from Integrity-Services-Inc.com is an example) that creates the alert files.

PHONEALERT Features and Benefits

  • Simple to Install - one program on your PC
  • Simple to use - as easy as listing the phone numbers of those you want notified
  • Generates alerts when particular files are created or removed or when there is other specified file activity
  • Allows sending the first line of a file as an alert
  • Allows complete flexibility to specify who get alerts and when
  • Great for monitoring your nightly production runs


You can test PhoneAlert at your site, with your data -- just download our fully functional trial version.