Newark, Delaware

Products Overview

Performance Doctor Dashboard

  • Monitors activity on your ClearPath MCP mainframe.
  • Alerts you to problem conditions with disk, CPU, and memory that could impact services and allows you to quickly identify system bottlenecks.
  • Receive alerts as text messages, email or through the Dashboard interface

ICD - Interactive COBOL74 Debugger

  • Allows COBOL74 programmers to interactively control program execution from a terminal
  • Inspect or modify data structures using source level COBOL names and PICTURES
  • Allows repeated testing and debugging without recompilation
  • Even debug COMS and bound program

W?LDC*RDS - adds wildcard search capability to CANDE's LFILES command

  • Select files using the same wildcard characters you use on the PC.
  • Search for files using wildcarded file names
  • Combine both techniques for a simple, powerful, flexible file finder
  • Interactively or automatically remove the files you find
  • Save the file names to create a WFL deck


  • Automatically sends text alerts from your ClearPath mainframe or PC using flexible criteria you specify
  • Generate alerts when particular files are created or removed or when there is other, specified file activity
  • Send the contents of a file as an alert when it is created
  • Allows complete flexibility to specify who get alerts and when
  • Great for monitoring your nightly production runs