Newark, Delaware

About ICD Group and William Q. Graham

Phote of Bill Graham I am the founder and President of ICD Group, Inc. and have over 40 years of experience in data processing beginning with the IBM 1620, 40+ years working with Unisys software, and continuing today with Visual Basic, Access, Excel, C# and .NET.

I spent a few years working on a DEC KL10 at the University of Delaware where I became convinced of the power of interactive debuggers. Our biggest product, ICD, grew out of an implementation of a Cobol debugger that several of my colleagues and I did for Burroughs Corporation.

I specialize in Unisys ClearPath software and a range of Microsoft technologies like Visual Basic, VBA for Excel/Access. We have several products and in addition do custom programming of front ends for Excel and Access.

The Company is cleverly named after our first product - the Interactive COBOL Debugger for Burroughs COBOL 68/784. We have had over 100 customers and nearly $800,000 in sales.

Preferred languages for development projects are Visual Basic on the PC and ALGOL or NEWP on Unisys ClearPath

Major Projects using a variety of technologies including:

  • implementing a SIMSCRIPT compiler
  • helping develop the first COBOL debugger for Burroughs in 1984
  • developing the first wildcard version of LFILES for Unisys ClearPath
  • developing a Career Criminal Expert System in Golden Common Lisp
  • programming in Fortran on a Cray supercomputer

Clients include.

E.I. du Pont Co ; University of Delaware - Center of Energy and Environmental Policy, Institutional Research, Ag Econ ; Medical Center of Delaware - Radiation Oncology and Patient Satisfaction ; Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Patient Satisfaction ; QVC ; IMS America ; Zitel Corporation

I first programmed the IBM 1620 in FORTRAN and assembler at Bucknell University and continued for three years while in the Peace Corps in the Philippines. Then for 13 years I was a member of the tech staff at the University of Delaware working on the Burroughs B7700 and DEC KL10 computers doing a variety of system programming tasks.


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I have a BS in Chemistry and Physics and a Masters in Physics both from Bucknell University.