Newark, Delaware

Contract Programming

ICD Group has experience in a wide array of computing languages, IDEs and computing environments. We do custom programming in ALGOL, COBOL and NEWP for Unisys mainframes and in Visual Basic, VBA and C# in .NET for Microsoft Windows. We are always receptive to new challenges and enjoy creative problem solving.

Macros : automating processes in EXCEL or Access can be one of the most beneficial investments you can make – especially if you are dealing with a repetitive task (such as data entry) that is a bit complicated and error prone.

Call so we can discuss your needs and let's see if this makes sense for your situation.

Languages : Some of the languages we have used include : Visual Basic; ALGOL; Simscript; Simula; LISP; Python; COBOL; FORTRAN; NEWP; C; C#; C++; assembler and more.

Projects : We have solved a wide variety of technical problems in our projects, some of which include: implementing a SIMSCRIPT compiler for Burroughs Corporation; IBM DB2 Database Admin ; Access and EXCEL macros and database design for a variety of clients including Christiana Care and University of Delaware; FORTRAN chaos theory programming at duPont; creating an expert system in LISP for Bureau of Justice Assistance.